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SRHS Band Boosters
P.O. Box 14308
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2014-2015 Competition Show

Houdini - The Magic Continues
       Land of Make Believe - Chuck Mangione
       Fantasy - Earth Wind and Fire
       That Ole Black Magic / Ole Man River - Arr. Saucedo

Home Page Contents:

Next Performance:  Dec 13 - Wake Forest Christmas Parade

Wake Forest Christmas Parade is Saturday, Dec 13. Parade begins at 1p. Arrival time 10a.
Please check the chaperones sign-up for Saturday. We need to have at least 12 chaperones to have 3 per bus, including a bus captain to handle roll call.

Thanks to those who came out for Garner. It was wet, but it was fun!

Next Fair Share Date: January 6, 2014 (Back to Contents)

If you were on Plan A - 6 Contributions, and are current, Congratulations! You've completed your 2014-2015 contribution schedule!
For those on Plan B - 11 Contributions, you're over half way there!

To check your Fair Share contributions and view your fundraising progress, login to your user id and click on the amount field next to your student's name. Your account details will be displayed. If you see amounts listed next to your name, please contact our Treasurer to have those contributions properly applied. Fruit earnings are being tabulated and will be posted once all fruit is distributed and final funds collected.

Click here for 2014-15 Contribution Schedule.

Click here to make a PayPal payment.

Questions... contact Jennifer at

Trip Update - December 10, 2014 (Back to Contents)

If you're going on the trip, Mr. Scott should have your name and you should have made 2 payments for a total of $250. If you have not made your payments, please make them soon. You need to reach $500 by February 25 to confirm your spot. This will ensure we have sufficient funds to make our first payment to the trip company due end of February.
If you think you're going, please start getting payments in to hold your place.
Next payment is due on Jan 6.

Trip information is available at the links below. Contracts are coming soon. Remember to start pulling together the documents you need for passports, along with passport photos and parental consent forms as needed. We'll have a Passport Application Day in February.

Band Rehearsal Update - Spring 2015 (Back to Contents)

Fall Rehearsals are over, and we now move into Winter/Spring. Rehearsal schedule for Spring Semester will be on the calendar as soon as it's released. There's usually a parade in February for Black History Month, followed by the Spring Musical in April (this year it's Hello Dolly!) for those in the play or orchestra. Spring Concert will be mid-May, then Graduation end of month. Other events may be added throughout the Spring, so keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming events and rehearsal dates.

We'll call for pantry donations as events arise. Thanks to all who contributed throughout Fall Semester.

Questions about donations... contact Torrance Harrell at or Regina Harrell at

Chaperones / Pit Crew Updates (Back to Contents)

Competition season has ended, and we've had our last home football game. Now, it's Parade Time! All parades are now available for chaperone sign-up.

Chaperones - Contact: Tasha Ford or Annette McCalston at

Pit Crew - Contact: Steve Hartman at

Fundraisers Update - December 5, 2014 (Back to Contents)
*** For fundraiser details, Login to your account, then select Home menu item.

Remember... link your Harris Teeter card here. You'll need to login to MyHarrisTeeter. Bulldog Band code is #5199.

Band Bash Committee - November, 2014 (Back to Contents)

2014 Committee Members: Regina Harrell (Chair), Michael Naylor, Veronica Degraffenreid, Lisa Core, Torrance Harrell.

It's never too early to think about 2015 Band Bash. Contact any of the 2014 committee members for information. Don't forget to send in your thoughts on what went well and what could be improved for next year (

A Message from your Band Director: (Back to Contents)

Update - December 11, 2014

Greetings everyone,

Here are some of the final updates for this week.

The Week at a Glance
Thursday - Exams (1st, 2nd period) - No rehearsals
Friday - Exams (3rd, 4th period)
Saturday - Wake Forest Christmas Parade
        *** They have not released parade positions.
        10:00a - Arrive at Southeast Raleigh
        11:00a - Depart for Wake Forest
        12:00p - Line Up
        1:00p - Parade Starts
        4:00p - Return - student pick-up

If you are meeting us in Wake Forest...

  1. Email me to let me know.
  2. Your student will have to pick up their uniform from the school on Thursday or Friday and wear it to the parade site.
    *** They need to be dressed because we will leave the buses after drop off and they will pick us up in another area.
  3. They need to have their instrument with them... same reason as stated above.
  4. The parade assembly area is East Holding and South White Street.
    The Parade Route is S. White to Wait, to Brooks and ends at Renaissance Place...this is the pick up area.
    *** Note: You have to have a parade pass to drive on Holding to drop off.

As we wrap up, some reminders...

  • All students should have completed their audition for this semester.
  • All students must take the final exam. Seniors can exempt, but must have the exemption approved by Mr. Scott.
  • Next week we have EOC Exams only.
  • No rehearsals or performances after Saturday.
  • All school instruments and equipment will need to be inventoried with Mr. Scott. If a student wants to check it out for the holidays, that's fine, I just need to get a count and have maintenance done on some of them.

January - More trip information will be released including new prices.

christmas lights

Don't forget the adult Christmas event next Saturday. I'm not sure where and what time, but it should happen.

Santa would love for you to pay your Fair Share if possible, if it's not already paid. checking his list

Thank you for all of your support so far this year.

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays.....

Mr. S, Your Band Director

(Back to Contents)

SRMHS Fight Song

Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School Fight Song
by Clifton Scott

Well, you’ll never beat the pride of a Bulldog,
Oh, we’re proud of our school, you’ll see.
We will always chant and sing
Where tech-no-lo-gy is king
We’re South-east Ra-leigh High!

We will fight for - what’s right - and good
Like - we know - we sho---uld.
We will face ev-ery deed - ahead
So give a bark for S-R-H-S
Woof!     Woof!

(Repeat opening chorus)

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Parent Welcome Letter

Parent Welcome Letter.

June 2014 Mailing


Tips and ALE Training TIPS and ALE Training

updated 2/6/13


AutoBell Fundraiser AutoBell Fundraiser

updated 4/07/14

Fruit Sale

New York Canada Trip

New York Canada Trip

updated 11/11/2014

Please support our band by supporting our corporate sponsors.
Click on their logos below. Be sure to let them know you found them on the Bulldog Band Website

Sheraton Raleigh
Regan & Company Real Estate Agents & Consultants
PIP Printing Raleigh
Andy Andrews  - Allstate Agent
Wake Orthodintics + Pediatric Dentistry
Pabst Productions Inc.

Bulldog Band YouTube
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Band Booster Meeting:

January 6
6:00 PM

Band Booster Meeting

Upcoming Events
Dec 15
- Dec 19
Exams Week
*** See calendar for details.
Jan 6
6:00 PM
    - 8:00 PM
Band Booster Meeting
Jan 27
5:30 PM
    - 8:00 PM
SRMHS Magnet Open House
*** See calendar for details.
Feb 3
6:00 PM
    - 8:00 PM
Band Booster Meeting
Feb 25
June Trip - Confirmation Date
*** See calendar for details.
Mar 3
6:00 PM
    - 8:00 PM
Band Booster Meeting
Apr 7
6:00 PM
    - 8:00 PM
Band Booster Meeting
Apr 10
7:00 PM Hello Dolly Performance
Apr 11
7:00 PM Hello Dolly Performance
Apr 12
3:00 PM Hello Dolly Performance
Apr 15
June Trip - Room List Due
*** See calendar for details.
May 1
June Trip - Final Payments DUE!!!
*** See calendar for details.
May 5
6:00 PM
    - 8:00 PM
Band Booster Meeting
Jun 16
6:00 PM
    - 8:00 PM
DATE CHANGE - Band Booster Meeting
*** See calendar for details.
Jul 20
2015 Band Camp Volunteers Needed
*** See calendar for details.
2015 Health Forms Due
*** See calendar for details.
12:00 PM
    - 9:00 PM
2015 Band Camp
*** See calendar for details.
7:30 PM
    - 9:00 PM
New Parent Orientation
*** See calendar for details.
Jul 21
- Jul 24
2015 Band Camp
*** See calendar for details.
Jul 24
6:00 PM
    - 7:00 PM
Exhibition Performance
*** See calendar for details.
7:00 PM
    - 8:30 PM
DATE CHANGE - Band Booster Meeting
*** See calendar for details.
Jul 27
2015-16 School Year Begins
Jul 28
3:00 PM
    - 6:00 PM
Band Rehearsal
*** See calendar for details.
Jul 30
3:00 PM
    - 6:00 PM
Band Rehearsal
Aug 4
3:00 PM
    - 6:00 PM
Band Rehearsal
Aug 6
3:00 PM
    - 6:00 PM
Band Rehearsal
Aug 11
3:00 PM
    - 6:00 PM
Band Rehearsal
Aug 13
3:00 PM
    - 6:00 PM
Band Rehearsal
Aug 18
3:00 PM
    - 6:00 PM
Band Rehearsal
Aug 20
3:00 PM
    - 6:00 PM
Band Rehearsal
Aug 25
3:00 PM
    - 6:00 PM
Band Rehearsal
Aug 27
3:00 PM
    - 6:00 PM
Band Rehearsal
Sep 1
3:00 PM
    - 6:00 PM
Band Rehearsal
Sep 3
3:00 PM
    - 6:00 PM
Band Rehearsal
Sep 8
3:00 PM
    - 6:00 PM
Band Rehearsal

See calendar for more events.
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