2011 BBQ Sale

May 9, 2011

Bulldog Family,

I need the parents of the following students to contact me concerning tickets.





2643, 2644, 2346,2467



501, 502, 503, 504



381, 382,385, 386, 387, 388



425, 426, 429,430,439,440,441



April 27 , 2011

Bulldog Band Family,

I want to thank each of you who have worked so hard these past couple of weeks and days selling tickets and reporting your sales in a timely manner.  The time has now come that you need to return tickets that you have not sold to Mr. Scott by your child on tomorrow unless you have already made arrangements with Mr. Scott. board members or myself. I would like to emphasize that all tickets that are not returned become the responsibility of the ticket holder on the day of the event.  We will not be reconciling ticket sales the day of the event.  I encourage you now to get those tickets returned to Mr. Scott. 

I am attaching in this email the status of sales to date.  If you name is highlighted in red then you need to report the funds for the tickets that you have emailed me as having sold.  I am also including an attachment of the ticket numbers that were issued to students and returned when they reported their plate sales totals.

Please audit you sales and report any discrepancies to me so I can work with Monica to get any reporting totals resolved. I encourage you to check the delivery times that I have against the time plates are to be delivered or picked up. We want to make sure plates are ready when you arrive as well as plate that are to be delivered are delivered in a timely manner.

Note:  We need some grocery storage bags and boxes to transport plates the day of the event.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Michael L. Vereen


April 25 , 2011


The annual BBQ sale is a few days away!  We are in need of help with the following:

1)       Several people to help set up tents, tables, and signs on Friday morning.  We usually start set-up around 7 am.

  1. 2)       At least 10 more people to help make plates, take tickets, deliver plates, etc.
  2. 3)       At least 5-6 more people to help in the afternoon.
  3. 4)       At least 10 people to help in the evening.

Right now, we have five people signed up to volunteer.  We will need at least 10 more people throughout the day to make this event a success.  Also, we have only been informed of one delivery.  Please email Michael, mlvereen@gmail.com, and let him know if you will need delivery.



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