Student Leadership

Student leaders assist Mr. Scott with carrying out various functions of the band.  They also play a key role in building band morale and in promoting cooperation and resolving any conflicts between band members.


Elected Officers

The Band Council is made up of the following elected officers:  President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Hornline Captain, and a representative from each class.  Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders, each of whom is appointed by Mr. Scott, also serve as members of the Band Council.  Band Council elections are held each year during Band Camp.  Candidates are nominated from the floor by band members.


Duties of each of the officers include:


n         President:  Schedules and presides over Band Council meetings.  Serves as the deciding vote in any elections. 

n         Vice President:  Serves in the absence of the President.  Assumes the duties of President if the President must resign for any reason. 

n         Recording Secretary:  Is responsible for taking written minutes at all Band Council meetings and for preparing any other written records of band business. 

n         Corresponding Secretary:  Is responsible for the band room bulletin board(s) and for making band announcements.

n         Treasurer:  Is responsible for collecting contributions for such items as sympathy cards, gifts, social activities, and any non-Band-Booster sponsored fundraisers.

n         Parliamentarian:  Serves as the “Sergeant-at-Arms” at all Band Council meetings, ensuring that the meeting is conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

n         Hornline Captains:  Two woodwind or brass instrument players are elected to serve as assistants to the drum majors in the area of student-led musical instruction

n         Class Representatives:  Each school-year class elects an officer to serve as their “voice” on the Band Council.


Following the elections, the Band Council meets every week to two weeks to mediate any disputes between band members, plan social activities, and make other decisions related to the functioning of the band.


Drum Majors

Each spring, two drum majors are selected by audition.  Prospective drum majors must have at least one year of marching band experience and be enrolled in either Concert or Symphonic Band for the coming year in order to be eligible for consideration.  The Drum Majors lead the band on the field during all games and marching band competitions.  They also have command of the band when Mr. Scott is not present, and at other times as designated by Mr. Scott.  Drum majors attend a one-week drum major training camp during the summer, in addition to playing a key role in the SRHS summer band camp. 


Section Leaders

Section leaders help to make sure that their instrument section is functioning smoothly.  Duties of section leaders include:


·         Making sure that their section is properly attired for each performance.


Mr. Scott interviews students wishing to be section leaders and assistants in the spring.  They must also play a musical audition.  Selections are made based on leadership potential, dedication to the band, ability to follow instructions, ability to communicate instructions, and musical and marching ability.   The number of section leaders and assistants varies depending on the instrument.  Large sections, such as clarinets, may require several assistants, while smaller sections may have only one leader.  Most sections have one section leader and an assistant.


Band Managers

Band managers provide critical behind the scenes support to help the marching band function smoothly during summer band camp and at all games and competitions.  Duties include helping with equipment maintenance, distributing drinking water, and performing other tasks as assigned by band staff and chaperones.  Approximately six to eight band managers are selected each year.        These positions are open to any interested SRHS student, with selections made based on an interview with Mr. Scott.  Previous musical experience is not required. 


Band Boosters

Band Boosters is a parent group that provides important, invaluable support for the band program.  All parents of band program students become official members of the Band Boosters once they have paid their student’s Fair Share.  Along with the band director, the Band Boosters makes decisions and organizes efforts for everything from building props for the marching band shows to raising money for student scholarships.  Refer to the committee listing in this section for a full list of Band Booster activities.  The Willingness to Serve Form (included in Forms Section of handbook) provides each parent with an opportunity to volunteer for the various committees of the Band Boosters.  There are many ways to contribute, whether you have a lot of time or only a little, whether you have specific skills or just a willing nature. 



The Band Boosters’ Club meets monthly, the first Tuesday of the month, in the band room at SRHS.  Meetings are at 6:00 pm and generally last an hour and a half.  Attending meetings is an essential way for parents to stay informed and become involved in their child’s band program.  Everyone is strongly urged to be an active member.  This will only make the band program better and stronger. 



Band Boosters maintains many avenues of communication with its parent members.  It is to each parent’s benefit to avail themselves of one or more of these means of communication.


n         Band Boosters has a website:  This website is updated frequently with breaking news provided on the home page.  There are pages devoted to information about the calendar, competitions, fundraisers, uniforms, chaperones, pictures and contacts.  This site is an excellent first-line source of information. 


n         Band Boosters maintains an e-mail tree and a phone tree. The Directory Information form that is filled out at the beginning of the school year will ask for the necessary information so that you can receive the e-mail communiqués.  Those who do not have e-mail will be contacted through the phone tree with any critical information.  The phone tree is also used to contact all members with emergency or time dependent communications, such as a late change in the arrival time at school from an out-of-town trip.

n         Another means of communication is the monthly newsletter, which is available electronically following each Band Boosters meeting.  A link to the newsletters is provided on the website.  The newsletters are also distributed via the e-mail chain.  For those who do not have e-mail, a hard copy of the newsletter will be mailed to them.  Contact the newsletter editor if you are not receiving the newsletter. 



Band Booster officers are elected to a one-year term.  A nominating committee is formed at the November meeting.  This committee then presents the slate of officers at the December meeting.  Floor nominations are also taken at that time, with elections to follow.  Anyone interested in serving as one of the officers should contact a member of the nominating committee following the November meeting. 


Duties of the Band Booster officers include:


n         Executive Director:  Responsible for the management of the corporation and for insuring that the actions of the Board and Booster Club are in full compliance with the law.

n         President:  Presides at all meetings of the Board and Booster Club and coordinates the work of the officers and committees.

n         Vice President:  Serves as an aide to the President and performs the duties of the President in his/her absence.

n         Secretary:  Records the minutes of all meetings of the Board and the Booster Club, has a current copy of the bylaws, and maintains a membership list.

n         Treasurer:  Responsible for all funds as well as keeping an account of all receipts and expenditures.  Makes disbursements authorized by the Board of Directors and presents a financial statement at every meeting.  Due to the responsibilities of this office, the Treasurer needs an accounting background and experience with the software needed to handle the Booster Club finances.


The elected officers serve as the Booster Club’s Executive Committee.



Band Booster Officers


President:                    Carl Pigford                                 329-0737    


Vice President:           Tim Morgan                                                 779-3126    


Secretary:                    Denise Hurwitz                           303-6531    


Treasurer:                    Iris Womack                                272-2230    




The Booster Club is governed by its Board of Directors, which consists of the officers described above as well as the following Standing Committee Chairpersons:


n         Ways & Means

n         Social-Hospitality

n         Travel & Transportation

n         Band Improvement Funding

n         Publicity

n         Uniform

n         Band Camp & Special Events

n         Chaperone


Committee Chairpersons are appointed by the Executive Committee, with the exception of the Chaperone Committee Chair.  The Chaperone Chair is appointed by the Band Director.


The Band Director serves as a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.



The following is a list of the current Band Booster committees.  Every family is strongly encouraged to volunteer for at least two of these committees.  


n         Chaperones:  The Chaperone committee is responsible for assigning chaperones for various band functions and establishing what the responsibilities of the chaperones will be for each band event.

n         Fundraising:  The fundraising committee oversees all of the fundraising activities of the Band Boosters and seeks new fundraising opportunities and sponsorships.  Separate committees are also formed to help with large fundraisers.  The Fruit Sales committee, for example, oversees the fruit sale fundraiser(s), including making contacts with the vendors and establishing and implementing a schedule for sales, money collection, and fruit delivery.

n         Freshmen Welcoming committee:  The goal of this committee is to introduce and welcome incoming parents and students to the SRHS band program.

n         Health Care:  This committee assists with all health related concerns and issues of the band.  This includes providing chaperones that are prepared to respond to health related situations at all band activities.  Parents with medical backgrounds are encouraged to help on this committee. 

n         Hospitality:  The Hospitality committee organizes band camp volunteers and donations, arranges for parents to provide drinks and chaperone at football games, collects snacks and drinks for use by the band throughout the year, makes arrangements for dinner at the annual awards banquet, and organizes snacks and volunteers for the Fine Arts Department concerts.

n         Pit Crew:  Parents are needed as members of the Pit Crew during football games and marching band competitions.  This involves helping to bring equipment and props onto the field for the show and removing them after the performance.  The Pit Crew won several trophies at band competitions for their efficiency and enthusiasm! 

n         Props:  The Props committee designs, constructs, and paints the props used in the marching band show at football games and competitions. The committee also builds shelves and cabinets in the band room and the equipment trailer, as needed, for display of trophies and storage of equipment.  Construction work on the props is on Saturday mornings during the spring and summer at the home of a booster parent.  Specific work dates and locations will be communicated at the Band Booster meetings and via the newsletter. The prop committee needs:

Ø                  Parents with woodworking and construction skills.  In the past, the committee has built a castle, volcanoes, boats, huts, etc. 

Ø                  Parents who are artists and painters.   Some props involve drawing scenes on canvases.  The bulk of the work consists of coloring in the scene once an outline has been drawn. 

Ø                  Students with artistic talent.  Please encourage your child to help out; there is a lot of satisfaction involved with helping with the props.

Ø      A tremendous number of volunteers for this committee.  There are so many different aspects of props that there is a job that will fit your talents. 

n         Scholarship:  The Scholarship committee is responsible for reviewing applications for the Band Booster scholarship program and deciding on college scholarship awards.

n         Sewing:  The Sewing committee is responsible for designing and making the flags and uniforms used by the Colorguard in the marching band show.  The Sewing committee coordinates with the Uniform committee to make any needed adjustments to marching band uniforms.

n         Social committee:  The Social committee plans tailgating parties, holiday parties, and other social events for band parents.

n         Band Bash:  SRHS will host its fourth annual band competition in September 2006.  This will require everyone’s help - from selling program ads, to checking in visiting bands, to selling concessions.

n         Transportation:  This committee makes arrangement for transportation to local events such as Christmas parades and to out-of-county trips such as competitions.  They are particularly interested in anyone with a commercial driver’s license or anyone interested in gaining licensure.

n         Uniforms:  The Uniforms committee must provide upkeep on all uniforms kept in the band room.  This includes repairs, cleaning, and storage.  Specific duties include:

Ø      Fitting each student with a “cool weather” uniform during the first and second week of school.

Ø      Taking orders for uniform parts and accessories that are purchased by students.

Ø      Distributing uniform orders as received.

Ø      Disassembling and reassembling “cool weather” uniforms on the day of a performance.

Ø      Disinfecting all hats and hat boxes for the new school year.

Ø      Distributing and collecting students’ “cool weather” uniforms on the day of a performance.

Ø      Conducting minor uniform repairs during and after an event.

Ø      Maintaining order in the Uniform Room.

Ø      Maintaining a Lost and Found box within the Uniform Room.

Ø      Attending performances and providing assistance to Mr. Scott or a band member when needed.  (It is not necessary for all committee members to attend all performances.)


Most of the work of the following committees is currently done by a single chairperson.  However, an assistant may be needed from time to time.  Please consider volunteering to work with one of these chairpersons to learn the tasks involved, with a view towards taking on the tasks yourself in the future.


n         E-Mail Tree:  The E-mail Tree chairperson maintains an e-mail distribution list that is used by the band director and other committee chairs to communicate with parents of band members and provide up-to-date information on upcoming events.  If you are not receiving e-mails, or change your e-mail address, please let the committee chair know.  Please note: the sender of the e-mail is often not the originator/author of the message.   Please contact the person cited in the message for any follow-up questions or concerns.

n         Event One:  The Event One chairperson is the contact for the fundraiser involving ticket-taking at NCSU football games and other similar events. He or she is responsible for posting work opportunities, ensuring that volunteers are informed of duties, and serving as the liaison between the Band Boosters and Event One. 

n         Handbook:  The Handbook chairperson is responsible for updating the handbook each year and arranging for copies to be made for incoming freshmen.

n         Newsletter:  The Newsletter chairperson is responsible for creating a monthly newsletter from the information presented at the monthly Band Booster meetings.  The newsletter is e-mailed to all Band Booster members.  Printed copies of the newsletter are mailed to those Band Booster members without Internet access. 

n         Phone Tree:  This committee maintains a current listing of phone numbers for all band members.  The phone tree is activated for situations that require timely notification.

n         Scrapbook:  The Scrapbook chairperson is responsible for maintaining a band scrapbook, including securing photographs and clippings to document the band’s activities.

n         Transportation:  The Transportation chairperson is responsible for arranging for ongoing maintenance of the band’s truck.  In addition, the chairperson makes arrangements for any other van or truck rentals needed for transporting the band’s equipment.

n         Video/Photography:  This chairperson makes arrangements for the videotaping and taking of still photographs of important band events such as competitions, football game half-time shows, parades, and concerts.

n         Walnut Creek (chairs):  This chairperson is the contact for the chair rental fundraiser at Walnut Creek (see the Fundraising section of this handbook for more information). He or she is responsible for posting concerts, ensuring that volunteers are informed of duties, and serving as the liaison between the Band Boosters and Walnut Creek.

n         Walnut Creek (concessions):  This chairperson is the contact for the band’s concession booths at Walnut Creek (see the Fundraising section of this handbook for more information). He or she is responsible for posting concession opportunities, ensuring that volunteers take mandatory TIP (alcohol awareness) training, ensuring that volunteers are informed of their duties, and serving as the liaison between the Band Boosters and Aramark. 

n         Website:  The Website chairperson maintains the Band Boosters website.



List of current committee chair persons for 2006-2007






Student’s Year in School




Carl Pigford





Tim Morgan





Denise Hurwitz





Iris Womack





Peggy Payton



Ways & Means/ Fundraising


Andy Cordes





Chaperone/Volunteer Clearance


Cynthia Pigford





Tim Morgan





Marcy Scott



Uniforms/Uniform Rm.


Barbara Masecar,

Christine Gunter,  & Patti Fiette




Band Camp / Hospitality


Peggy Payton



Band Improvement


Malik Sullivan



Daddy Crew


Ken Edwards

T. J. Fetch




Props and Painting


Chuck  & Carla  Gleason




Freshmen Welcome & Orientation


Martha Liles



Grants / Sponsorship





 Health Care


Monette Montgomery-Daniels





Denise Hurwitz



Socials for Parents





Band Bash Chair


Mike & Robin Whitaker




E-mail/Phone Tree





Event One


Malik Sullivan



Walnut Chair Rentals


Malik Sullivan



Walnut Creek Concessions


Malik Sullivan





Pam Morgan



Video / photography


T.J. Fetch



Hand Book


Yolanda Winstead



Scrap Book





Website & Student Accounts


 Andy Cordes

Ken Edwards




RBC Center Concessions


Carla Gleason

Carl Pigford




Forms collection and Student/Parent Directory









Rehearsal Policies

Band is a team effort.  Each member plays an important role, whether preparing for a marching band competition or a concert performance.  Therefore, attendance at all rehearsals is extremely important.  This is reflected in grading policies.  Rehearsal attendance counts for 30% of a student’s grade, with 20% of the grade dependant on attendance at full band rehearsals and 10% of the grade dependant on attendance at sectional rehearsals.  Only one unexcused absence per semester is allowed without penalty.


It is important for students and parents to review the band calendar at the beginning of the school year in order to try to avoid scheduling doctor’s appointments or other activities that would conflict with rehearsal time.  Students should also adjust their work schedules to avoid conflicts with band activities.  Any known conflicts need to be discussed and resolved with Mr. Scott as far in advance as possible.


Personal illness or family emergencies may make it necessary to miss rehearsals on some occasions.  In such cases, the student’s parent or guardian must notify Mr. Scott within 24 hours of the absence (or the next school day) regarding the reason for the missed rehearsal.  This may be done by:


1)     Calling Mr. Scott at 856-2835; or

2)     E-mailing Mr. Scott at; or

3)     Filling out and sending in an excuse form (available in the Forms section of this handbook).


The message should include the parent's home and work phone numbers and explain the reason for the absence.

Marching band rehearsals are never cancelled due to inclement weather.  Outdoor practice may continue if it is just drizzle or intermittent light rain.  In the event of steady rain, we will rehearse indoors and go outside at the first opportunity.  Students should dress properly for the weather. 




Students are expected to use rehearsal time efficiently.  Members should be in their seats, warmed up, and ready to perform at the start of the scheduled rehearsal time.  Band members should also have the following items at all rehearsals:



In order to make the most of rehearsal time, there is no talking. When the band is halted immediately stop playing and/or marching and listen to instructions.  All members must remain at rehearsal until dismissed by Mr. Scott after final announcements.


Rehearsal Schedules

While additional rehearsals may be scheduled as needed, regular rehearsal schedules are as follows:


Marching Band:  Rehearsals are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-6:00 pm, from July 26 throughout most of the marching season.  Rehearsals may be shortened to 3:00-4:30 pm later in the season.  Marching Band members should also work on their music at home, since all Marching Band music must be memorized.  


Sectionals:  Sectional rehearsals are scheduled approximately once a week during the marching season, and periodically during the concert season.  Student Section Leaders call, schedule, and conduct these rehearsals.  Sectionals are used to work on parts of the music or marching that may be problematic for a particular instrument section.  Attendance at sectionals is mandatory and accounts for 10% of a student’s grade.  The student’s parent or guardian must notify Mr. Scott regarding the reason for any missed rehearsals.


Pep Band:  Rehearsals for Pep Band typically begin in December and are held after school from 3:15 to 4:00 pm on the days before a scheduled game.  Game days are usually Tuesdays and Fridays, with practices being held on Mondays and Thursdays.



 Financial Responsibility and Fundraising



All SRHS band students must pay an annual Fair Share to help cover the expenses associated with band events, including band camp, travel to competitions, competition registration fees, and other costs associated with an active band program.  There are several fund-raising events and activities during the year that allow families to significantly reduce their financial obligation.


Fair Share

The Fair Share for the 2006-2007 school year is $500 for all returning Marching Band instrumentalists and Colorguard members.  Families who pay $100 by the last day of Band Camp and the balance in full by September 1, 2006 receive a discounted fair share of $425.  This discounted rate is also available to all first year band students.  Students participating in the Free Lunch Program are eligible for a reduced fair share of $250 and those participating in the Reduced Lunch Program are eligible for a reduced fair share of $325, provided that they verify their eligibility status with Mr. Scott.  For families with more than one student in band, the Fair Share for the second child is half that of the first.


Band managers are assessed a $100 Fair Share ($75 if paid in full by Sept. 1). Students who participate in the band program but do not march, such as Jazz Band members and non-marching band members, also pay a $100 (or $75) fair share. 


2006-2007 Band Fair Share


Annual fair share for returning band members:                                          $500  


Annual fair share if $100 paid in full by July 21

and amount is paid in full by Sept. 1, 2006                                                           $425


Annual fair share for First Year band members:                                         $425


Annual fair share for those who receive Free Lunches:                  $250

Annual fair share for those who receive Reduced Lunches: $325


Note:  the second band student in a family pays ½ of the first student’s band fees.


Due Dates:  (most due dates correspond to Band Booster meetings)


June 6                           $100 due

July 21                          $100 due

August 8                       $100 due

September 1      Balance due in order to receive discount

September 5      Balance due



The Fair Share can be paid all at once, or can be divided into four payments.  Final payments are due by September 5. 


Families can receive advance credit towards their student’s Fair Share for up to six Walnut Creek events, if they have already signed up for these events before the payment due date.  The Walnut Creek deduction may be added to the $75.00 discount if paid by the end of Band Camp.  If you received both the Walnut Creek discount and the payment by end of Band Camp discount, and fail to work the Walnut Creek Events that you agreed to, your student’s account will be debited for the unworked Walnut Creek events ($35 x number missed) as well as the $75.00 discount.


It is the responsibility of the parents to complete and submit the Band Financial Responsibility Form (page 55) the first day of Band Camp.  This acknowledges that you are aware of your financial responsibility and have established an acceptable payment plan.  In the event of financial hardship, there is financial aid available at Mr. Scott’s discretion.   Please remember that these funds are limited. 


September 5, 2006 is the last day for payment without penalty.  Student’s balances will be posted in the band room, and invoices sent periodically.


Full payment before or on September 5, 2006 will receive these benefits:

1.      Member of the SRHS Booster Club.

2.      Name listed on SRHS Booster Chart displayed in band room.


Overdue accounts, after September 5, 2006, are subject to:

1.      Name with balance due listed on a past due chart in band room.

2.      Ineligible for scholarships or awards.

3.      May not order letterman’s coat.

4.      May not go on Spring Trip.

5.      Student name will be turned into the office as owing money to Wake County Public Schools.  This will result in withholding of report cards, loss of school parking permit, restriction on attending school sponsored events such as the prom, loss of off campus lunch privilege, and withholding of diploma.

6.      The student’s AC will be notified of the outstanding balances.


A Payment Form (included in the Forms section of this handbook) must accompany each payment.  A separate form (and a separate check) should be filled out for each type of payment (i.e. one form and check for a Fair Share payment and a separate form and check for a pre-game dinner order).  This is to ensure that your account is properly credited.  The Payment Form and payment may be sent to Mr. Scott or given to the Band Booster treasurer at the monthly Booster meetings.  There will also be a Band Booster representative at band camp to collect payments.  Please put payments with payment form into an envelope and write your student’s name and what the payment is for on the outside.  Also put the student’s name on the memo section of the check. 


Each student has an “account” established with the Band Boosters at the beginning of their band career. A percentage of the money the student raises from fund-raising events, such as the fruit sale or Walnut Creek, is credited to the student’s account.  Unused money in each account carries over for the student’s band-related use in the following year.  Funds in the account can be used towards the annual Fair Share, warm weather uniform expenses, and/or the spring band trip. 


Money left in a student account upon graduation, transfer out of SRHS, or decision not to continue in the band program will not be refunded. If the student is a graduating senior and has at least $334 in leftover funds, 75% of the amount in the student’s account can be transferred to a college or university in the form of a scholarship.  Leftover funds can also be transferred to a sibling’s account if the sibling is already enrolled in band at SRHS or is an incoming freshman.  In all other cases, the leftover money will be transferred to the general scholarship fund for the band program. 


Account balances are available by contacting the Band Booster treasurer by e-mail, phone, or at the monthly Band Booster meetings.  If you have an outstanding account, the treasurer will contact you and inform you of your responsibilities. 


Walnut Creek

SRHS Band Boosters has a contract with Walnut Creek (Alltel Pavilion) to work the lawn chair rental booths.  In exchange for working, Walnut Creek gives the Band Boosters $0.50 for each chair rented, and $0.75 for each chair dispersed by workers as a Walnut Creek complimentary or family pack special. The band also has a contract with Aramark Entertainment to man a concession stand, for which the Booster organization receives a share of profits.  Taken together, these contracts represent the single largest fund-raising activity for the SRHS Band Boosters.  Therefore, it is critical that we fulfill our obligations to Walnut Creek in an exemplary fashion.

Work opportunities and rules are described in further detail below.
Work Opportunities at Walnut Creek 

o       Chairs: Usually 8 workers per night (4 left field huts, 4 right field huts)

o       Chairs for sellout nights:12 workers per night (6 left field huts, 6 right field huts)

o       Team Captain may grant approval for other chair workers to invite friends to help with chairs (no pay, unless to fill empty paying slots.)



o   Requires 4-5 workers plus Team Leader for each event

    Must be TIPS trained/certified by Aramark

Rules for Working Walnut Creek Chair Rental 
Duties at the chair rental booths typically include:  1) getting chairs out of the storage booth; 2) putting any broken chairs behind the booth for future repair; 3) collecting money for rentals; and 4) putting a numbered ticket in a bucket for each chair rented (Walnut Creek compares our ending ticket number to our beginning ticket number as a check against money collected). 

We need to man booths until a designated Walnut Creek employee gives us the OK to close, typically between 9:00 and 9:30 pm.  At that time, we need to return any un-rented chairs to the booths, close the curtains on the doorways, and turn off the lights.  We do not need to collect rented chairs from the lawn, nor do concertgoers have to return the chairs at the end of the evening. 

Key rules for working chair rentals include: 
§         Each family may sign up for 9 Walnut Creek chair rental or game slots
§         After you have filled your slots, you may put your name on the waiting list
§         Each slot worked will pay $35.00 credit toward fair share account
§         Team Leader receives $50.00 credit toward fair share account
§         A sign-up may be changed with notice of 7 or more days prior to an event and the team captain's approval
§         If you change your sign-up with less than 7 days before an event then you must find your own replacement.  The steps you should follow include: 
o       Contacting the first name on the waiting list
o       If there is not a waiting list for that concert, contact Malik Sullivan at 212-8159 or via email at to send out an e-mail requesting help. 
o       If you have exhausted all avenues to find a replacement through the band boosters (via the waiting list and the email broadcast) and you still cannot find anyone to work your concert, then you may have a relative, neighbor or friend work the concert in your place.  For you to receive credit for working the concert, your last-minute replacement will have to sign in at the employee gate using your name and follow the same work rules that all of the band boosters abide by.
o       Please communicate all changes with the Team Captain.
§         "Punch-in" / "punch out" with team captain and perform tasks assigned to you.

§         Walnut Creek asks that we wear a "uniform" in order for the patrons to recognize us as workers. We have parent band booster shirts that are available for purchase to wear while working Walnut Creek events. You may wear your child's band shirt or any other shirt that says Southeast Raleigh High School on it.

§         If you do not work an event that you were signed up for, then
o       You will lose credit for that event ($35 x number missed)
o       Each name associated with your family will be removed from each future Walnut Creek slot that you have signed up for.  Your student’s account will be charged for those events as well.
§         If you have disputes with regard to working a Walnut Creek event (for example: I worked the concert, but I didn't get credit because I was late), then you may address your issues to the band booster's executive committee. They meet the last Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the band room. The band booster's executive committee reserves the right to excuse anyone from the privilege of working Walnut Creek events upon their discretion. 

Rules for Working Walnut Creek Concessions

§          Each family may sign up for an unlimited number of concession slots on a first-come, first-served basis
§         Each slot worked will pay a minimum of $35.00.  
§         All workers must have completed TIP (alcohol awareness) training and be at least 21 years old. 
§         The required “uniform” for concession workers consists of a white “golf” shirt with a collar, tan or kaiki shorts or pants, and close-toed shoes.  A cap and apron will be provided for you to wear during the evening. 
WEB Based Sign-Up Form
§         To access the new sign-up form, go to the SRHS Band Booster web site (, go to SRHS Band Booster Portal, and click on login (   A pop up menu will prompt the userid and password.
§         Follow the prompts for the event.
§         Determine the team captain and contact them as necessary by either e-mail or phone.
§         Contact Ken Edwards or Andy Cordes concerning userid, password, and instructions on how to access these on-line forms.


Who May Sign Up for Walnut Creek?

§         Only the parents of the band student and the band student (16 years or older)

§         For single parent families, a second adult over the age of 16 is allowed.

§         If a person's name is not on the concert list, Walnut Creek will not let them enter the amphitheater. When you sign up to work an event, please add everyone to the sign-up list that will be attending.  Contact the Team Captain if you need help with this.

§         If everyone does not show up who was signed up, you will forfeit that event and your band fee discount.


Team Captain

§         The Team Captain who works each concert event will have more responsibilities and will be paid $50.00 per event.

§         Team Captains will be chosen off the list of those attending the Walnut Creek Employee Training.

§         As soon as a concert event becomes available from Walnut Creek, a Team Captain will be assigned for that concert.

§         The Team Captain is the contact person for that concert.

§         They will handle all responsibilities for having people sign up and working that event.

§         The Team Captain will instruct the other workers of their duties, including

o       Appointing a co-captain that will work the other booth that is to the left of the stage. The co-captain will be in charge of the money at the booth and will instruct the other workers as to what needs to be done.

o       You may only leave, once the captain or co-captain has dismissed you and you have signed-out. At that time, you may stay and enjoy the rest of the concert if you like, or you can leave the venue.

§         Any questions that you might have for a particular concert are best addressed to the team captain that has been assigned for that event.

§         When you work an event at Walnut Creek you first have to go to the team captain to sign in / "punch in" for attendance purposes. Likewise, when you are ready to quit working the concert, you have to find the team captain to sign out / "punch out". If you do not follow this procedure, you WILL NOT receive credit for working that concert.

§        You will receive an email 10 days prior to the concert date reminding you that you have obligated yourself to work a concert at Walnut Creek. If your email has changed since you signed up for the concert, it is your responsibility to contact the team captain and inform them about the change in your contact information.

§         If you do not have an email address, you will receive a courtesy phone message to remind you to work the event.  If you do not respond to the phone message, it will be assumed that you will be working the event.  

§         The final list of workers for a given concert is faxed to Walnut Creek 48 hours prior to the concert.   THIS LIST IS FINAL.

§         The captain will work the booth and be in charge of the money at the booth that is to the right as you face the stage.


What Time should I show up?

§         Walnut Creek requires us to arrive at a concert 30 minutes prior to the time that the gates open for the event. The gates for most shows open between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. which means that you would need to get there by 4:00 or 4:30 p.m.  Do not commit yourself to working an event that you cannot be on time for.  If you have a job that requires you to work until 5:00p.m., you will have to work concerts on the weekends. 

§         Your Captain will contact you with the proper start times for each event.

§         If you show up late to work an event, YOU MAY forfeit credit for working the concert at the discretion of the Team Captain.

§         Please show common courtesy to your fellow band boosters.


Where should I park?  Where should I check-in?

§         Upon arrival at Walnut Creek, please park your vehicle in the employee parking area. There are parking attendants who will guide you to the proper parking area. The employee parking area is to the right of the venue as you enter from Rock Quarry. They usually have us park either on the grassy area that is as far right as possible or in the gravel lot beside the amphitheatre.

§         The employee entrance is also on the right side of the venue (when you are facing the stage). There is a chain link fence and a sign posted that says employee entrance. Walnut Creek employees have a table set-up at the entrance where they confirm that your name is on the list of workers for the evening. Tell them that you are with the Southeast Raleigh Band Boosters and that you are there to work the lawn chairs.

§         If your name is not on the list, you most likely did not sign up properly to work that event. Walk away and call the team captain if you have their cell phone number.  If there has been an error on our part, we will take care of it within the band boosters. Please do not involve Walnut Creek.

§         Once you are inside Walnut Creek you should proceed to the lawn chair booth that is to the right of the stage as you are looking at it. You will need to find the team captain and sign in with the team captain to receive credit for working this event.


Other Tips

§         Walnut Creek allows us to bring in coolers while we are working events.  Please bring in smaller coolers with handles that you can carry with one hand. These coolers and your other personal items are subject to search when you come through the employee gates.

General Rules (Common Sense 101)
§         Represent Southeast Raleigh High School in word, deed, and appearance.
§         If your name is not on the volunteer list, walk away and try to call the team captain.  In the past, a number of people argued with the Walnut Creek staff.  This gives our organization a bad name and jeopardizes our relationship with Walnut Creek.  Think before you speak.

§         Please, do not argue with the team captain and please work at the place that they have asked you to work. If you do not work where the team captain has asked you to work, YOU WILL NOT receive credit for working that event. If you have any preferences as to where to work, please contact the team captain prior to the date of the concert.

§         Have a good time and enjoy working the event.  It is a free concert – enjoy it!!!






The Southeast Raleigh High School Band Booster Club has entered into a new contract with Hot Tomato Creations (VAB Catering, Inc.) to operate concession stands at the RBC Center. This will serve as an additional fundraising opportunity for the Band Boosters and provide another means of helping to pay your band student’s Fair Share Account. The RBC Center Partnership Program offers us a new opportunity to greatly expand our fundraising capabilities to support our wonderful Marching Bulldog Band. Therefore, it is extremely critical that we fully support the program by volunteering our time to work, and that we fulfill our obligations at the RBC Center in an exemplary manner.


Please see the instructions and rules below for participating in the RBC Center Program.


Work Opportunities at RBC Center:


§         The number of events that our group will work for 2006-2007 is approximately (30) events. There is a possibility of being offered and accepting add-on events.

§         Selection of the events that our group will work will be based on a combination of the following:

-         The program that we are obligated to in the contract (# of 30 events minimum), and the various different events allowed to work under that program.

-         The availability of an RBC Center trained ‘group leader” for the event

-         The “sign up” commitments that we have per event (10-12 workers needed to gain assignment to concession stands that profit the most & offer better success)

-         Add-on events that are offered to our group by RBC Center (non Hockey and non NCSU Basketball games)


Rules for Working RBC Center Concessions:


§         Age Requirements:

-         Group members must be at least 18 years of age to volunteer to work events

-         Group members must be at least 21 years of age to id and serve alcohol

-         At least (6) volunteers are required to be 21 years of age at our concession stand.

-         Proof of age will be required for the 18 to 21 years of age person to participate in the program


§         Compensation: For each RBC Center event worked , the following amounts will be credited to your Fair Share Account

-         $35.00 for concession stand workers

-         $60.00 for RBC Center trained group leaders


§         You may sign up to work an unlimited number of events. However, if it’s an event that sells alcoholic beverages, only members who have completed the RBC center alcohol training may sign up to work (this requirement will be indicated on the event sign up site)

§         Withdrawing your name from an event sign up requires at least a 7-day notice prior to the event date, and personally notifying the ‘group leader” for that event. In cases where there is not a backup list of volunteer workers to pick a replacement, make all attempts to assist the group leader in finding a replacement. (We are penalized on commissions when we do not meet our obligation for the minimum number of workers required for a stand)

§         If your name is not on the sign up list for an event (which will be forwarded to RBC Center), you will not be allowed entry to the arena. Please, do not find replacements or make changes on your own without contacting the group leader.

§         WEB Based Sign-up Procedures:

-         To access the new sign-up link for RBC Center, go to the SRHS Band Booster web site, and go to SRHS Band Boosters Portal near the bottom left screen, and click login. A pop up menu will appear prompting you for your user id and password. After entering your user id and password, this will bring you to the secure site The RBC center information site

-         The sign-up info should include the name of the “group leader” for the event (if group leader assignment has been made), if there are still available slots for sign-up or full, and if the event requires alcohol training

-         When you attempt to sign-up for an event, list individually the names of the family members who will be working. Only those names of persons included in your personal data (parents, students, family members, friends) will be accepted by the electronic sign-up. It may require you to edit your personal data if you are attempting to sign up a family member not in the database.

-         Determine the “group leader” and contact them personally if needed by phone or email.

-         You may contact Ken Edwards ( if you have questions or problems concerning the secure web site


§         Reporting Times, Assignments, and Directions:

-         The “group leader” is the contact person for the event and will be responsible for disseminating information to the workers concerning reporting times and assignments for the event. The general rule of thumb for reporting is: the group leader and one volunteer, arrive no later than 2 ½ hours prior to event start; All other volunteers concession stand workers arrive 2 hours prior to event start. 

-         It is critical to arrive for work on time and to be in place as a group at the designated time (before the gates open for the event). By doing so shows common courtesy to our fellow band booster members.

-         All volunteer workers will park in the employee parking lot by entering Gate C off of Trinity Road. Please use the stairs with red rails and cross the RBC Center West lot. There may be some events when this lot at Gate C is used as a pay lot and workers will be directed to park in the far back of the lot. Gate C will not be labeled “Staff Parking,” however you will proceed on into the lot and let the parking lot attendant know that you are working in concessions for the event. The parking lot attendant will have a gate list as to which groups are working for that event. The employee/volunteer worker entrance is on the West Side of the Arena (to your left as you walk from Gate C parking lot). Most likely you will see many other workers walking this way (if you are reporting on time). Continue past the West (guest) entrance and follow the stairs down to the “Mezzaine Level.” You will see a sign directing employees only past this point. The employee entrance is the first door on the right.

-         Give the security officer the name of your group, and you will be allowed entry past the security table. Proceed past the security table to the “T” section of the hallway. Take a right and the first set of doors on the right is the uniform room. This is where you will sign in for the event. Sign in sheets for the various groups are in a notebook on the table in alphabetical order. Please be sure to sign in under the correct group (SRHS Band Boosters) and print your name clearly.  

-         If your name is not on the list to work, most likely you did not sign up or changes were made without notifying the group leader. In such cases, simply walk away and leave if asked to do so. If there has been an error on our part, we’ll take care of it within the Band Booster Club. Please, do not involve RBC Center staff. Again, if your name does not appear on the list with the SRHS Band Boosters group, you will not be allowed entry

-         A “Release and Waiver Liability” form must be signed initially by each worker on their first event working in the presence of the Concessions Coordinator (one time only to be kept on file at the RBC center)

-         Personal items such as pocketbooks, purses, carry bags, coats, etc.), won’t be allowed to be carried with you into the concession stand. You must either leave them in your vehicles or secure them in lockers that are provided by RBC Center near the worker’s staging area in the basement. Lockers are not assigned and are available on a first come first serve basis (you must provide your own small lock for lockers)

-         Report to the stand that our group is assigned to work and the group leader will make assignments for the event based on the concession outlet that we have been assigned, and the number of workers signed up, and will have any other instructions that you may need

-         Do not leave until the group leader has cleared you to do so. The group leader is familiar with all of the duties and responsibilities that must be accomplished before workers are released. In cases where the entire group may not working at the same outlet, find the group leader and advise him/her if you are released by another concession stand leader/supervisor


§         Uniforms: All workers from our group must be uniformly dressed

-         Workers are required to wear the SRHS Parent Band Booster golf shirt (blue, green, & white with SRHS bulldog band log), black pants, band booster cap, and dark shoes with non-slippery sole.

-         A sufficient number of aprons will be provided by the booster club or we will use aprons provided by RBC Center in order to maintain uniformity in that regards (aprons must be returned at the end of the night to group leader whether provided by booster club or RBC center)


§         Meal Coupons

-         Workers will receive (1) complimentary meal coupon per event to be used on the date issued.

-         If the concession stand that you are working is extremely busy, please be courteous, respectful, and diligent in your duties and do not take breaks while there are long lines of customers waiting to be served  




General Rules:

§         Represent SRHS Band Boosters and RBC Center exemplary in words, actions, and appearance

§         Work as team showing one another respect

§         Serve the fans/customers in a professional manner with courtesy, dignity, respect, and with a smile

§         Follow the group leader’s directions , they have been properly trained in RBC Center’s procedures for operating concessions

§         Be very cautious in serving alcoholic beverages to minors or those who appear to be impaired and follow the guidelines concerning checking ID that were covered in the alcohol training class

§         Absolutely no consumption of alcohol while working

§         Cell phones are prohibited from use in the concession stands before, during, or after the event. In case of family emergencies, family members can call Security Dispatch at 861-2345 and give the pertinent information (name and group name) to be contacted.

§         Have lots of fun while supporting your Marching Bulldog Band



Other FundRaisers

In addition to Walnut Creek and RBC Center, parents have the opportunities to earn money for their student’s account by:


·        Zap-A-Snack Frozen Food Sales, fund raising campaign. This is a new fundraiser for the band booster this year, which involves the sale of a variety of frozen food snacks such as several kinds of french bread pizza, garlic bread, cheese bread, cookie dough, stuffed pretzels, breakfast biscuits/sandwiches, etc. The band students will receive a percentage of the money from sales toward their fair share accounts. This fundraiser will kick off on August 1, 2006 at the Band Booster meeting. More details will be available at that time as we will have a representative from Zap-A-Snack present with full details and some samples. 


·        Band Bash – The Southeast Raleigh High School Band will host a friendly band competition including bands from North Carolina and possibly South Carolina and Virginia.  A total of 12 bands are expected.  Funds will be raised by selling ads in the Signature Program Booklet, and through food concessions operated by the band boosters and other Fine Arts Programs at Southeast during the event. The event is scheduled for September 30, 2006.


·        Annual Fruit Sale - Students will earn money by selling fresh Florida citrus fruit.  The percentage earned will go toward students Fair Share (account).  This too is one of our largest and most popular fundraisers for the year. We have been fortune to receive and sale some of the best fruit around and return customers look forward to SRHS Band Students and Boosters calling on them. The event will kick off in late October-December 2006.



·        Event One -          Under a contract with Event One Staffers, Band Boosters will earn money by working at sporting events at North Carolina State University (Carter-Finley Stadium).  Duties include mostly that of ticket collecting and ushers. These funds earned will go toward the band student’s fair share accounts.  This will take place during the months of August 2006 – April 2007.


·        Annual Bar-B-Q/Chicken Dinner Sales- The Band Boosters will be sponsoring our second annual Bar-B-Q/Chicken Dinner Sale in which tickets for lunch/dinners will be pre-sold by students for pickup, with hopes of also selling to walk-in patrons. A percentage of the proceeds will go toward the student’s fair share accounts. The event is planned for late fall. (no date selected yet)



Employer-Employee Partnership


In addition to these fundraisers, some local corporations have participated in a program to turn employees’ volunteer hours with a non-profit organization into monetary gifts.  For example, this past year Glaxo Smith Kline donated $500 per employee (and another $500 for the spouse) for 50 volunteer hours with the Band Boosters.  This offer is renewable each year.  Parents should check with their employer to see if their company participates in a similar program.